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Game jam 9 failed

2013-07-03 08:27:24 by nuberzins

I couldn't make the game in time.. :( Sorry anyone who was interested
Here's a link to the unfinished product, explenation, game file and credits.


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2013-07-03 08:45:59

Oh too bad. It looks interesting. Are you going to finish it one day? If you need help with sound or animation let me know.

nuberzins responds:

Maybe, one day with AS3. I might redo it someday, but for now, i'm gonna leave it alone. :)


2013-07-04 06:33:01

What and when is AS3? Anyways I can do graphics (pixel art at least) music, sound fx and story scripts if I can help. Btw the background sky looked really nice. Did you make it yourself?

nuberzins responds:

No i didn't draw the background, because of lack of time. AS3 is programming language for flash. Awesome, if i will get back to this project, i will talk to you. :)