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For the first animation this really good. :) The jokes weren't really funny, but good work anyways.

Well, the animations were.. pretty good, but why is there no sound? Sound is a major part in an animation film. Well usually. I think you should have done that and you should have added the stop(); action in the last frame of your movie and a replay button with this action on it- on(press){
Good luck mate

The animation was pretty ok, but not the best. What really got me in this short movie was the narration. The narration went so well with the movie. The voice was the most suitable for this movie. I think, you could have worked a bit more with your movie's artworks. They just seemed kind of.. clumsy. But for your first animation- GREAT JOB! My first animation sucked.. I see a lot of potential here. Just train more and don't stop! :)

Anigator responds:

Thank you so much! tbh i dont check my Newgrounds that much and when i found out that people have actually been seeing my work just astonishes me.

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Hahah, i'm the months best! :)
Reallt awesome game, i got to level 14 with 12712 points. :)
Good mood. :) Keep it up!

I think this is the most addicting game in the whole competition! :) Good luck getting the license, mate! You deserve it! :)

MVNight responds:

Thank you for the kind words. I played your game and I thought it was great. It has a good atmosphere. I also hope you win a license.

This game seems really awesome, but it's pretty hard too. Maybe you can call that challenging. :) The idea is awesome. Good luck in the competition, i love to see awesome competitors around.

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Oh this will suit the game great! :) Nice song!

SourJovis responds:

I think so. The game will be good too. Very annoying and stressful. But fun.

This is a pretty frickin epic song. :) I love your style, snayk.

snayk responds:

Thanks, man!

It's such a beautiful tune. :) Gonna use it in my next game's title screen. This is really well done! :)

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

thanks ecopipe lol. message me when your game is done, i'll be happy to play it :)

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It's really awesome, but i think i have already seen it here too.

Long time no seen, man. :) This looks so awesome. I can almost feel the warm feeling from the scene.

This is a very nice piece of art, here. :) I love the feel to it. Guy-unger is working with this screenshot too and his game seems to be even better! :) I won't spoil anything for you about his game, but i think it will win. My game will be an ok game, nothing to great, i think. I have redone the island in my own style. Keep up the good work and check Guy-unger out!

SourJovis responds:

Yes, Guy-Unger too. I noticed that later, because he announced it later. Guy-Unger's team used to be 3 times as large. Now it's split up in two teams and only the team with Guy-Unger himself will base a game of this image. A bit of a pity. We'll see which game is best next week, but it doesn't really matter. The most important thing is they're both good, interesting and different. Just try your best. Looking forward to the results. Btw if you need music let me know. You can use any of my songs. I'm not allowed to help you or be in your team, but perhaps it's still allowed for you to use a song by me. If someone else makes good songs for the game that's fine too. What kind of music do you have in mind?

We're the all singing and dancing crap of the world.

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